Monday, May 16, 2011

Favorite Spring Nailpolish! O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender

Yikes! I'm so sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks! I feel terrible! I've been very busy with volleyball, chorus, and school projects. I still am working on a social studies and English project so I might not be able to post as often as I would like to! I just want to apologize!
This is my all time favorite nailpolish. It seems to have a hard time deciding weather it wants to be pink or lavender. It doesn't have any shimmer which I prefer for spring time. In the spring I prefer to wear creamy pastel colors and Lucky Lucky Lavender fits this description to a T. It also is perfect for people who don't like a lot of colors on there nails because this almost seems to be a bit of a nude. I believe they still sell it as it was part of the Hong Kong Collection.
So, what is your favorite spring nailpolish? 

Sunday, May 01, 2011

O.P.I Nailpolish Collection!

First, I apologize for not having pictures! Blogging off of ur iPod does have it's cons! I also want to say I'm sorry for not posting alot; I've been busy with volleyball and school (I have a HUGE math final!)
Anywho, I decided to show you just my O.P.I. Nailpolishes because I have a bazillion polishes!
My first one is Dutch Tulips. It's a nice red that has a pinky undertone. This color is very classy and can be worn all year round.
Next, I have Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! It's my favorite neutral color! It has silvery copper reflexes and a gold base color. I recommend wearing this in the spring and fall.
My most recent purchase was Cuckoo for this Color. It's a shimmery emarald color that would be perfect for the winter!
I also own to nailpolishes from the Katy Perry collection. The most well known would have to be Black Shatter. If you don't know what Black Shatter is you must be living under a rock! It's a black matte color that actually shatters over any other color! Go look it up cause I am terrible at trying to describe it. My other color is Not Like in the Movies. This one is a purple/green/gun metal gray color. I can't really explain this one either except that it looks like oil in water (it has the same effect!) lots of glitter also!
My mom wanted me to buy Too Hot to Hold Em'. She "borrows" my nail colors haha! Anyways, it's a bright hot pink color with red undertones. It's from the new Texas collection. It would be perfect for spring and especially summer!
My friend purchased me OPI Ink for my bday. It's a dark purple with bright purple glitters and shimmer. Great for winter.
My least favorite would have to be Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek Forever After collection. I was hoping for it to come out a bit more green than it did. It's very much a yellow with just a hint of green. I would say to only wear it in the spring!
My last and most favorite would be, drum roll please, Lucky Lucky Lavender! It's a pastel lavender color with a very strong pink undertone. In some lights it even appears to be a pinky nude color. I wear it all year round, but it's definitly a spring color!
I would recommend lolling these colors up to get a better idea of what they actually look like! I hope you guys had a great weekend!
~Grace <3