Monday, May 16, 2011

Favorite Spring Nailpolish! O.P.I Lucky Lucky Lavender

Yikes! I'm so sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks! I feel terrible! I've been very busy with volleyball, chorus, and school projects. I still am working on a social studies and English project so I might not be able to post as often as I would like to! I just want to apologize!
This is my all time favorite nailpolish. It seems to have a hard time deciding weather it wants to be pink or lavender. It doesn't have any shimmer which I prefer for spring time. In the spring I prefer to wear creamy pastel colors and Lucky Lucky Lavender fits this description to a T. It also is perfect for people who don't like a lot of colors on there nails because this almost seems to be a bit of a nude. I believe they still sell it as it was part of the Hong Kong Collection.
So, what is your favorite spring nailpolish? 


  1. Love the colour. I love wearing whites that have a reflect of a different colour.

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  2. I love this color! It also seems more pink to me, the lavender name is kind of confusing, but I guess it does have a hint of lavender to it. Pastels are the best for this season I find, much love!<3