Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Bucket List

This isn't exactly beauty related, but I saw a few other blogs have these kind of posts and I really enjoy reading them!

1.) Write a romance novel that is just as good as one by Nicholas Sparks
2.) Go skydiving
3.) Get into an Ivy League college (preferably Columbia!) 
 4.) Stay in both Australia and Paris for a month
5.) Live in New York City after my college years
6.) Attend a Jason Wu fashion show
7.) Meet Rachel Zoe
8.) Become a world famous author
9.) Own a lavender Ducati
10.) Get a baby blue Volkswagen buggy
11.) Get purple contacts
12.) Speak fluent French
13.) Learn Latin
14.) Wear something by Alexander McQueen
15.) Live in a three story house on a farm
16.) Design my own runway collection
17.) Go on a weekend shopping spree in new york
18.) Start my own charity
19.) Adopt a child
20.) Name my daughters Melissa and Claire
21.) Become an old cat lady (with a husband of course!) :p

1 comment:

  1. Ooo I hope you get to do all those things! xx