Friday, November 25, 2011

Saturday's Stylish Shoes

I know, it's not Saturday yet, but I will not have access to a computer tomorrow and I couldn't miss it!
A lot of girls my age have been wearing high top sneakers that are really big and kind of clunky I guess. I immediatly fell in love with them because I always thought that girls sneakeers never realyy did justice. They always seem to give of the vibe of a sneaker-that's-not-really-a-sneaker-but-wants-to-be. Some girls have even gone to wearing men's sneakers so that they wouldn't have the same pair as another person. I like this a llittle more becuase it's so unique and different.
The pair I ordered wednesday are from The brand is Osiris and they weren't my top choice, but they were a little more wearable than my others.
What do you think of big chunky sneakers? Are they a hit or miss? I think they hit the bullseye, but that's just one opinion out of a billion.

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