Friday, November 25, 2011

Summer Prints and Colors in Winter?

I have been noticing that the winter clothing this year is unusual. While normally, designers stick with blacks, leathers, sweaters so thick no one REALLY needs to wear them unless they live in Antarctica, and the standard high heeled boots, they have completely switched this season. I have been seeing 'winter' florals and pastels as well as flats and soft barely there makeup.

The 'winter' floral uses smaller flowers and they are often in darker colors. If the flowers are not small they are overly large and scattered over the clothing piece. This is probably my least favorite of the new trends because I always see flowers in spring and summer. They just don't belong in winter clothing, but I think they look good when paired with chunky leather boots and a matching jacket.

Chelsea Bouquet Floral Tee

I've also seen crop tops still circulating the market. I LOVE crop tops. I think they are so cute and simple to throw on over top of a Cami and walk out the door looking put together. I personally am so happy this trend is still in style. They are often knitted and use Nordic prints. Some on the other hand are tribal prints in bright neon colors. I think these can also look amazing if you wear it right and not with a ton of other bright colors. 
Another clothing trend that I have seen becoming really in is brightly colored jeans. I own a pair myself and while i don't wear them that often I do get a lot of compliments. The best variety of colors are being sold at Delias, but I have seen red ones being sold in American Eagle.

I am not sure how I feel about this trend yet, I kind of miss being able to go a little crazy with my makeup and not having to worry about matching prints and colors. In my opinion if worn right this trend can be very winter appropriate, but I think other wise it can be a little to springy.

~Grace <3

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