Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby Lips Review

It is super moisturizing and glides on smoothley.
They give a nice tint of color that you can really build up.
 I have tried the red, pink, nude, and plum, and I can say they are all beautiful! My personal favorite is Cherry Me, but I also like the nude.
The packaging is super cute and I love the font!
The cherry smells ah-maz-ing! The peppermint also smells good, but those are the only ones I have smelled.
All have an SPF of 20!
 Only $4.00 give or take depending on the store.

Swatch of Cherry Me.
One swipe on left and two on right
They are almost too slick so it slides around on your lips.
While they give you a lot of product, it goes by really quickly.
They don't have a taste (besides a plasticy one!) This is what gets on my nerves the most! They made it smell good, but not taste good! Yuck... 

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