Sunday, December 04, 2011

November Favorites

November was not much of a big beauty month for me. I stuck to my basics and actually toned down my makeup for a more natural look. I know what a shocker! Hahaha! But because of this reason I don't have many interesting favorites.

Favorite #1: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me!    
This product is surprisingly mousturizing and it came at a great price. Around $4-$5! The color of this particular shade is beautiful. It wasn't a bright red like I was expecting, but a beautiful cherry pink that gave the most nautural 'flush' to my lips. I'm planning to do a review on this product so I don't want to go into depth, but overall I reccomened it.

Favorite #2: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara 

This is my current everday mascara and I adore it! It gives me the perfect all natural eyelash look. It's great for defintion on the first coat. It's not the best if you have short stubby eyelash's becuase it not a very lengthening mascara. By the second coat though you can really build up some volume.

Favorite #3: Neutrogena Skinclearing Makeup  
I bought this foundation over the summer when I was having serious breakout issues. I had to cover my pimples up, but I wanted a foundation that would help them heal, not clog my pores more. This contains 0.5% salacylic acid, which is found in most acne products. The coverage isn't great, but after about two layers it's pretty good.

Favorite #4: Perfectly Straight Hair
In October I was really into putting my hair into a side braid before I went to bed then in the morining take it out and have beautiful loose waves and keep my hair to one side. This month though I found my love for the flat iron again (that's probably not so great for my hair!) I've finnally perfected it so my hair stays straight for two days in a row. The key is to take small sections and go slow and steady. This also reduces heat damage becaus you don't have to constantly go over the same piece over and over and over again.

So what are your November favorite? Leave a comment below or a link to your blog post and don't forgot to follow!
~Grace <3

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