Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Trend Alert?

I've been noticing that were I live a lot of girls have been wearing boot slippers out as shoes. I do not know if this is just a local trend or if it is appearing in other areas of the world.
Womens AirwalkWomen's Tundra Mukluk Bootie
Womens AirwalkWomen's Fair Isle Bootie Slipper 

Pros: They are super duper comfortable! Well at least this is what I have heard from multiple sources. 
They are much cheaper than regular boots averaging $20. 
They keep your feet warm due to the soft fabrics. 
You can find them almost anywhere. Payless, Areopastale, and American Eagle.
They're cute! Well this is just my opinion. While they may not be 'fashion forward' I think they look adorable and are something totally outside of the box.

Cons: Are not very durable. From some I have seen some that do not even have soles on the bottom.
Some may think they look goofy or plain stupid.
Do not have enough variety to always be unique.

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